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  Tac 75 March-May 2009 ... Stalwarts, Jam&Jute, Brand New Building, Floodlines, Leader of the pack, chess
  Tac 74 Sept-Nov 2008 ... John Peel's silly walks, Mortgage mountains, Golf at altitude, The smell of fear, Ramsay's Lochaber Nightmares
  Tac 73 Apr-Jun 2008 ... Menu Munros, mega repeaters, Gladstone, Disraeli, accidents, Dick Amour, Don Green, CIC hut, E11
  Tac 72 Nov 07-Jan 08 ... Nevis undone, Nevisport gone, Saddle bagged, surveys, quotes, farewells, reviews, tyres
  Tac 71 Jul-Sep 2007 ... Gendarme, Cuillin, Illing, drinking, carnage, webcams, Norway, Hutton, Bradbury, Foinaven
  Tac 70 Mar-Jun 2007 ... Wainwright, Munroguiding, Wildernista, MRT Cuillin clutter, bevvying, phantom quiz answers
  Tac 69 Nov 06-Feb 07 ... Knight's peak, Tom Weir appreciation, Elvis to Presley walk, new (old) Munros guidebook, Munro cull plan
  Tac 68 Jun-Sep 2006 ... Bird flu, Winter Munro round, Glasgow skiing, TV mountaineering, bothy smoking, ice axes (not), Norwich
  Tac 67 Feb-Mar 2006 ... Paths, Park sculpture, Naked Rambler, A Harry Griffin, Robin Smith, Erchie Boomer, SMC Pubs, Dundee FF
  Tac 66 Nov-Dec 2005 ... Memorials, McNeish, Charity Walks, Weather, Access Officers, New Equipment, Storr Stories
  Tac 65 Jul-Sep 2005 ... Trig Cricket, Headcamming, MCofS under scrutiny, Wikipedia, Don Whillans, Showell Styles
  Tac 64 Mar-May 2005 ... Cairngorms National Farce, foot and mouth reprise, Weir, Kemp, Macgregor, Eddington
  Tac 63 Dec 04-Feb 05 ... Griffin, Haddon, Ralston, Slesser, Haswell-Smith, St Helena, Bing Bagging, Quiz
  Tac 62 Jul-Sep 2004 ... Election special, Enlightning stories, Storer stories, 3m Gan bagging, Dutch baggers
  Tac 61 Mar-May 2004 ... Pay and display dissent, High camp, Void touched, SMC and smoking under fire, quiz answers
  Tac 60 Jan-Feb 2004 ... 10 vital hill skills, St Kilda fall-out, quasi-linnean shtick, parkwatch, and the best quiz ever
  Tac 59 Oct-Dec 2003 ... Naked rambling, 24M in 24H, WMD, GPS, wind farms, hydro schemes, triggers
  Tac 58 Jul-Sep 2003 ... Access feedback, St Kilda, Ledi, Anquet, Murray, Dempster, Milne, Vortex shedding
  Tac 57 Apr-Jun 2003 ... Accesswatch, parkwatch, rocketwatch, SMCwatch, foodwatch, windfarmwatch
  Tac 56 Jan-Mar 2003 ... Bothy bother, gigs and books, cats and dogs, quiz and quiz swizz
  Tac 55 Oct-Nov 2002 ... SYHA RIP, Loch Lomond NP, OS, Haston, Kinder, trigs, completions, anoraks
  Tac 54 Jul-Aug 2002 ... Rockface and Rum rubbished, Turbines cherished, Pearson perished, Hewitt admonished
  Tac 53 Apr-May 2002 ... Angry replies, Gilbert, Ghosts, Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll, Trigs, Trains and Quiz answers
  Tac 52 Dec 01-Feb 02 ... Whisky, Cuillin, Munro theatre, more plagiarism, more high things, webshite ... and a Quiz
  Tac 51 Sep-Nov 2001 ... Plagiarism exposed, land reclaimed, high things listed, Rob Roy returns, more F&M
  Tac 50 Jun-Jul 2001 ... Very angry: foot and mouthing off, pay-to-park, hill plates, Bolt-On legs
  Tac 49 Apr-May 2001 ... Angry stuff, quiz answers, toilets, TZs, more-on Gilbert, foot and mouth
  Tac 48 Jan-Feb 2001 ... Queen Vic, Knoydart, Baggers update, sea level stuff, and bog-easy quiz
  Tac 47 Oct-Nov 2000 ... Record Munro run, Gilbert slagged, World Tops update, trigs, stories
  Tac 46 Jul-Aug 2000 ... Cairngorms, Donalds, Cicerone book panned, more on hill names
  Tac 45 Apr-May 2000 ... More women baggers, quiz answers, hill names, lots of reviews
  Tac 44 Jan-Feb 2000 ... Woman baggers, hvs quiz, rugby vs hillwalking, buildings vs hills
  Tac 43 Oct-Nov 1999 ... Altimeters, masts, parrots, reviews, funicular, big words
  Tac 42 Jul-Aug 1999 ... SMC slagged again, more on Tasmania, ghosts and hill maths
  Tac 41 Apr-May 1999 ... Munros CD revisited, Quiz answers, Horrorscopes, more stuff
  Tac 40 Jan-Mar 1999 ... Munros CD review, Wilderness walks, another InQuizition
  Tac 39 Oct-Nov 1998 ... dancing round spiders and sheep, and a bumpiness index
  Tac 38 Aug-Sep 1998 ... panic on the streets of Staffin, and yet more footy
  Tac 37 Jun-Jul 1998 ... with a World Cup preview and some hill philosophy (not Jimmy Hill)
  Tac 36 Apr-May 1998 ... including the answers to the hardest quiz yet
  Tac 35 Jan-Mar 1998 ... finally the quiz turns up, and it's as hard as ever
  Tac 34 Nov-Dec 1997 ... feshie goings on, but still no sign of the quiz
  Tac 33 Sep-Oct 1997 ... with 27 opinions about 284 Munros
  Tac 32 Jun-Aug 1997 ... including loads of stuff about poles
  Tac 31 Mar-Apr 1997 ... including answers to that hellish quiz
  Tac 30 Jan-Feb 1997 ... Myths, Maclean, teeth, fractals, more on poles, lots of reviews and letters, and a bumper quiz
  Tac 29 Nov-Dec 1996 ... Estonians, poles, factors, Britpop, bagging, McNeish and SMC reviewed
  Tac 28 Aug-Sep 1996 ... Lachlan, aliens, farmers, food, helicopters, duff maps, reviews, lots of letters
  Tac 27 May-Jul 1996 ... A house divided, Alison Hargeaves, quiz feedback, maps, skis, tables, waterfalls
  Tac 26 Feb-Mar 1996 ... Quiz answers, Mclean, Marilyns, Socrates, Democracies, TV, Talaidh, Munro-banging
  Tac 25 Nov 95-Jan 96 ... Atolls, Atholl, Donalds, Fashion, Feedback, Greaves, Grievances, Poucher, and a mega Quiz
  Tac 24 Sep-Oct 1995 ... People to avoid, hills to avoid, books to read, films to see, more Macdoohey, more Glencoe
  Tac 23 May-Jul 1995 ... Height Day, Fantasy Superquarry, Ben Macdoohey, buckles, sex, reviews, Albion Rovers, Glencoe
  Tac 22 Mar-Apr 1995 ... Midges, melodies, movies, mister mephisto, mostly double dutch
  Tac 21 Jan-Feb 1995 ... Reviews of: books, maps, videos, crisps, plus Marilyns, Cairngorms, golf
  Tac 20 Oct-Dec 1994 ... Fantasy Premier League, White Hole bagging, Jimmy Glum, Trig Points
  Tac 19 Jul-Sep 1994 ... Art Special, Bolt-on Fracture Repair Kit, New Donalds discovered
  Tac 18 Apr-Jun 1994 ... Big boring squares, lots of science, more sheep, Bothies, Bastards and Mabores
  Tac 17 Feb-Mar 1994 ... Sheep, midges, islands, diaries, movies, quiz answers, good bog guide and Grey Man 3
  Tac 16 Dec 93-Jan 94 ... Psychopaths, superquarries, mountainbikes, movies, quiz , OS Sheet 12
  Tac 15 Oct-Nov 1993 ... Lots of science, spotty youths, bothying, bulldozers, fashion, sheep
  Tac 14 Aug-Sep 1993 ... Perthshire vs Persia, Grey Man of Macdui, Percies, boring squares and maths
  Tac 13 Jun-Jul 1993 ... Slovenian rhapsody, Corbett baggers, dogs, sheep, games
  Tac 12 Apr-May 1993 ... Vrackie goats, electric lochs, white holes, reservoir sheep, fashion
  Tac 11 Feb-Mar 1993 ... Tributes to Poucher, Campsies, trigs, flip-flops, and the first Walking Types
  Tac 10 Dec 92-Jan 93 ... Madonna, Lachlan, Ladies, Lairds, Boring Squares, Munro Centre, Fuar Tholl
  Tac 9 Sep-Oct 1992 ... Toe jobs, dwarves, stalking, bothying, Shaky, Falkirk, Cairngorms, Am Faochagach
  Tac 8 Jul-Aug 1992 ... Glen Coe v Seb Coe, 1994, 3001, Reg, sex, beards, dogs, shite, standard rants
  Tac 7 May-Jun 1992 ... Shakespears Sister, Jimmy Glum, angling, climbing, tenting, Marilyn plugging
  Tac 6 Mar-Apr 1992 ... Hamishes, Olympics, Skiing, Choppers, Hostels, Ticks, Lairds, Pish
  Tac 5 Jan-Feb 1992 ... Guidebooks and Lies, Weather, Hillwalking Hints, How to Fall, KLF
  Tac 4 Nov-Dec 1991 ... Beards, God, Jimmy Glum, John Muir, U2, cameras, winter skills, and a quiz
  Tac 3 Sep-Oct 1991 ... Armchair hillwalking, perversions, navigation, access, fashion, poetry, OS slagging
  Tac 2 Jul-Aug 1991 ... The Munro Show reviewed, Fear and Loathing on Tarmachan, the Sheep reviewed
  Tac 1 May 1991 ... Meet the authors, Shakespeare v Glen Coe, fashion, kangeroos, meet Murdo