The Angry Corrie 12: Apr-May 1993

Mountaineering Movies No. l: Reservoir Dogs

Reservoirs, dogs, guns ... All feature heavily both on the hill and in this new thriller: not so much a heist movie as a heights movie. The plot is simple and brutal. Four similarly-dressed stalkers, known to each other only by codenames - Mr Tweed, Mr Goretex, Mr Rohan and Mr Peter Storm - are engaged in discovering who made a mess of their "stalk of the century" by firing a rifle at the wrong moment and scaring away all the animals. Much of the action is intercut with a noble stag lying bleeding to death from a terrible stomach wound, bellowing in vain. Indeed, blood and gore abound: in the movie's controversial central scene, Mr Tweed cruelly tortures a captured hillwalker - tied to a chair in a bothy - first, by cutting off his map case with a Swiss Army knife, then threatening to set him alight with the meths from his own Trangia. All this is to the accompaniment of "Stuck up a Munro with you", by mid-seventies pop-group Murdo Jerry. Worth seeing: basically covers the same hillclimbing themes, although admittedly in a more upfront manner, as Redford's new movie about Corrour bothy, A river runs through it.

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