The Angry Corrie 12: Apr-May 1993

Press cuttings

Exhibit A: a snippet from a recent Herald article about Kirsty Wark - sister of the more famous John Wark - in which she was asked how she would spend 24 hours away from her wean and similar domestic burdens. This being a kind of cheapskate Desert Island Discs, one must first applaud her for chucking out the Shakespeare Complete Works and opting for the summits instead. Clearly she has been keeping up with TAC doctrine. Her colleague in mediacrity, Muriel Gray, would be proud. But what kind of a hill is this, the unheard of "Kier Mhor"? Might it not be too much to suggest that Ms Wark doesn't often live up to her name and actually set foot up braw Glen Sannox? So much so perhaps that it's a wonder she knows her Sackville West from he Sackville East.

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