The Angry Corrie 12: Apr-May 1993

Shaggy Schedule

Eagleeyed readers will have noted the absence of one of the big TAC traditions in the current issue. No, not Murdo, he's eye here. Nor the letters page, it's daft as ever. But Shaggy's crossword?? It's gone AWOL! Yet eagleeyed readers will already know the reason for this: our own Shaggy has been busying himself in the World of Pop, where his crypto-reggae single "Oh Carolina" recently soared to No. 1 in the Hit Parade. Whilst wishing him well in his new career, we are delighted to report that, despite a punishing schedule and possible upcoming Brits award, he has promised to find time to service the needs of his loyal TAC fans in the next issue.

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