The Angry Corrie 45: Apr-May 2000

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Alan Blanco

HOF stands for Hall of Fame. This year's edition of Marhofn, the Marilyn Hall of Fame newsletter, should be ready sometime in April. All contributors and HOF members will receive a copy as a matter of course. Others on the mailing list will probably get one too, but an A5 SAE to 49 Airthrey Avenue, Glasgow G14 9LY will guarantee this. As well as full details of the Hall of Fame itself, Marhofn will include tree tips, true stories, edited bagging highlights and an international section.

By mid-March the Hall had 48 members, comprising 3x1500+, 4x(1100-1499), 2x(1000-1099), 2x(900-999), 7x(800-899), 15x(700-799) and 15x (600-699). Ann and Rowland Bowker still lead the way, with 1532 and 1529 Marilyns respectively, though Rowland has officially retired from bagging. Others over 1000 are Tony Payne, Andrew Allum, Colin Donnelly, Charles Knowles, James Gordon, Rob Woodall and Don Smithies.

The actual hills have seen relatively few changes, so there will be no new update sheet this year. The only official change in location concerns the summit of Maesglase (30F) on OS124,125. At least two indep-endent sources have indicated that the highest point is Craig Rhiw-erch at SH817150 (676m) rather than Maen Du at SH823152. News of other proposed but unratified changes will be included in Marhofn.

NOF stands for New Opportunities Fund, a distributor of lottery money. This fund has #50 million to dole out for digitising the national cultural heritage, and some of us feel that completing the cyberTAC back catalogue would be a great way of relieving the NOF paymasters of some of their stash. Pity we didn't think of this wheeze before the closing date of 31 January, however. So if we want future generations to gain the benefit of our collective wisdom by having access to a full set of online (but still angry) Corries, we'll have to do it ourselves, for no money. (Usual story - Ed.) So we'd like some help. The plan is to find ten volunteers to digitise one issue each, TAC2 to TAC11. You'll need access to either a scanner and OCR software or to a willing and accurate typist. If you're able to help, please contact TAC itself or me at the address above. To make the task easier we'll send a paper copy if you don't have one.

BOF stands for Birds of a Feather (flock together). This rather naff label is sometimes given to common-interest groups at tedious conferences and workshops. The concept is sound, though, and last year's HOF BOF weekend at Corpach and Carna was generally regarded as a good thing. Chances are this August occasion will be re-enacted this year, somewhere. Meantime, Phil Cooper (792) has arranged a long BOF weekend - a BOOF weekend - on Skye at Easter (although all 12 places on the Scalpay boat are taken, by a group with >11000 Marilyns between them).

And finally, two of the delegates to last year's HOF BOF have become even closer birds of a feather - they were recently spotted getting engaged on top of BOC (Bin of Cullen). Congratulations Micky and Claire. Maybe you'll get some bagging done now that's out of the way.

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