The Angry Corrie 45: Apr-May 2000

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Poetic Pleasures

Craig Weldon:

Interested to read Alan Blanco's article [re the poetic pleasures of hill lists] in TAC44. A few years ago, while perusing maps, I came up with a similar idea. Admittedly they don't rhyme, or even scan very well, but it is an interesting idea.

Oran Eileann

Islay Jura Staffa Mull
Skye Eigg Canna Rum
Barra Uist Pabbay Scarp
Hoy Yell Fetlar Unst

Helen McLaren:

Inspired by Alan's article on lists in TAC44, here is my own attempt at a hill list poem:


Ben Tee, Ben Hee
Carn an Righ
Tinto, Marsco
Beinn a'Ghlo
Sgurr Dubh, Sgurr Mor
Sgurr Dubh Mor
Geal Charn, Carn Mor
Geal Charn Mor

An Stac, An Stuc
An Storr, An Sgurr
Morven, Fashven
Blaven, Rois-Bheinn
Rinnes, Canisp
Wyvis, White Wisp

"Cubbie Roo":

Sweethope Hill

(In line 7, say "An" while breathing in and "Suidhe"while breathing out. Say line 8 as rapidly as possible.)

See Morris, Hill
Great Hill Long Hill Far Hill Rough Hill Hart Fell
Startup Hill
March Brae
Windy Hill Frosty Hill Cauld Face
Wauk Hill Wauk Hill Wauk Hill
An Suidhe An Suidhe An Suidhe An Suidhe
Badandun Hill Badandun Hill Badandun Hill Badandun Hill
Quarter Hill
Mount Hill Mount Misery Lowther Hill
White Top Dunnet Hill!
The Seat
Pyat Hill Doughnot Hill Strawberry Hill Craig Mellon Milky Law Ben Tee
The Kip
Leven Seat
Down Hill Down Hill Down Hill
Peat Law Bogrie Hill Skid Hill Alhang! Alwhat? Alhang! Black Knowe Black Knowe Head
Down Hill Down Hill
An Dun Dun Knowe

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